„Yes, I was there… Many things changed. Some things for better, some for worse, some only slightly, some changed very much.
Technological evolution was, ofcourse, inevitable. Many new inventions, improvements and discoveries were made. Let’s look on this vehicle. We can see reference to „classic” clearly, we can see without any problem, elements and solutions known at the time. People use it everyday and they like it. How does it work? I don’t know exactly. I only know that they discovered… no… that we will discover for 72 years new element which allows us to revolutionize automotive market. With new element there was only one thing to do: create engine in which element will be burn in high pressure. New drive will be totally ecological, no exhaust emission. Imagine it…
But… Human nature is changeless and I am truly affraid of the fact that if we don’t take care of it today our hapinness from creating those inventions will be very short.”


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